The Flattering Style Tricks Celebs Use on the Red Carpet

Celebrities allocate a decent amount of time to prepping for the red carpet. From grooming to attending several wardrobe fittings, there’s a lot of prep that goes into attending such a glamorous event. Case in point: the red carpet look. Typically this is the part where a celebrity and stylist collaborate to find a perfect gown or jumpsuit for the highly documented moment. Between fittings and the final look, we’ve picked up on a few flattering style tricks that celebrities lean on when it comes to being photographed on the red carpet. Learn their secrets ahead.

WHO: Camila Cabello. STYLE TRICK: A ruched dress will create the illusion of curves and really glorify what you’ve already got.
WHO: Emma Roberts. STYLE TRICK: Expose the perfect amount of skin in an unexpected way with an asymmetrical slit. Plus, pointed-toe heels will elongate your figure.
WHO: Gina Rodriguez . STYLE TRICK: A dress with teeny-tiny, barely there (essentially nude) straps will elongating your neckline while still offering support.
WHO: Rita Ora. STYLE TRICK: An exaggerated slit is a great way to show off your legs (or just one of them, as it were).
WHO: Viola Davis . STYLE TRICK: Take a note from Davis and opt for a dress with draped sleeves as a way to expose your shoulders and flatter your arms. 
WHO: Hailey Baldwin. STYLE TRICK: Create the illusion of a bigger bum with a dress that has striped panels down the side.
WHO: Jessica Biel. STYLE TRICK: Accentuate the smallest part of your waist by opting for a dress with an empire silhouette. 
WHO: Margot Robbie. STYLE TRICK: Embrace a deep-V neckline, especially if the rest of your dress is particularly covered.
WHO: Octavia Spencer . STYLE TRICK: Sheer, loose sleeves are a perfect way to flatter your arms on the red carpet. 
WHO: Reese Witherspoon. STYLE TRICK: Flaunt your figure in a body-con silhouette. 

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