We Have 82 Manicure Ideas Saved on IG, But Here Are the 23 We’d Actually Request

We follow so many nail artists responsible for bejeweled, striped, swirled, jellied, glassed manicures on Instagram. In fact, our feeds have a healthier sprinkling of looks than a Lofthouse sugar cookie. Being the beauty and fashion fiends we are—and since nails are truly a melding of both industries—we take screenshots like it’s our job (it actually kind of is) and save them for a rainy day. Okay, not necessarily a not rainy day—any day we feel like doting over something pretty or heading into one of our favorite nail salons for a week-making manicure, really.

Since our cups currently runneth over with inspiration, we thought we might as well put our drool-worthy curation to actual use and share them with you, our favorite nail- and mani-loving subjects. Of course, it was hard to choose, since we have 80+ images saved, pinned, and stored, but we put the work in to scroll through our data and scrutinize every last image in an effort to curate a showstopping gallery of the best nail designs on Instagram right now, many of which come courtesy of our favorite nail artists, accounts, polish houses, and salons. Keep scrolling!

Check more: http://bit.ly/2I7dj0Z


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