These Snowboots are Essential to Conquering NYFW in Style

It came late this season, but it should have come as no surprise: wacky weather during New York Fashion Week is like death and taxes—a certainty that’s impossible to avoid. 

But, as they say, neither snow nor rain nor heat can keep buyers, influencers, and your faithful Who What Wear editors from traipsing across the city to assess the future season of fashion and begin to carefully curate a list of the latest must-haves. This responsibility, in particular when paired with winter weather advisories, can make this street style-meets-“The Amazing Race” of a week even more challenging to navigate—especially on foot!

Below you’ll find a selection of the most weather-proof-but-still-cute shoes we’re wearing around the city this week. From uptown to downtown (and even that weird part of Manhattan that’s not quite Soho, Tribeca, or the West Village), these are the best snow boots for winter when the (fashion) show must go on! 

It’s not too late to bundle up this season!

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