7 Pillars of Fantastic Eyebrows, According to the Most Sought-After Brow Artists

“You will find the same scissors, tweezers, and spoolie brush I have been using for over 20 years to create feathered brows all over the world. Made with precision by Rubis, the tweezers and scissors are part of their Classic Gold line, handmade in Switzerland for over 60 years. Keeping with the Swiss tradition of exceptional quality, these personal tools are designed for longevity with exceptional attention to detail. The leather case is hand-stitched in Los Angeles, inspired by a vintage manicure set from the 1930s that I have cherished for years. My kit includes access to exclusive tutorials needed to create your perfect feathered brow.”
“This is a great pre-tweezing oil made with organic argan oil, a blend of calming and soothing essential oils, rich in vitamin E and suitable for all skin types. I use this oil before tweezing to help take the edge off the sometimes irritating and painful tweezing process. I find it’s not only a nourishing oil for the brow hair; it is also a wonderful serum for the face, and the cuticles love it too!”
“This all-natural, soothing, and cooling gel-cream formula is recommended for its post-tweezing benefits: calming, cooling, relieving redness. Après, meaning after, is recommended to use after tweezing to soothe the skin. This lightweight gel contains camphor for an immediate soothing and cooling effect on the skin.”
“Without the side effects of Latisse, this high-potency serum actually works! I recommend using it on clean, dry skin throughout the brow using one dip per brow morning and night. Let it soak in for two minutes before using other products. I recommend applying the serum in the same areas mapped out for pencil/fill-in use.”
“This very user-friendly pencil is great because the color is on point and it has the ease of a pencil with the soft, natural look of a powder. The triangle tip and powdery formula are great for filling in sparse areas, adding fullness and definition to the brow. Use it to lightly shade skin under the hair using short, feathery strokes. Use it gently, going against the hair growth direction to get underneath the hair. Then blend out with the brush side of the pencil under the cap.”
“This clear brow gel from Mary Kay offers great hold without being flaky or too stiff. The brush gives perfect texture to the hairs, making them look thicker. I suggest using small, upward brush strokes to brush all hairs up and out.”
“I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Use it gently, brushing backward against the hair growth direction. This picks up the hairs and wraps the fibers around the follicles, fluffing them up! Adds instant volume! This can be the quickest fix in creating a fuller brow. Think of this as mascara for the brows! When you add volume and richness to the lighter hair/fuzz that grows around and between the thicker brow hairs, it creates the illusion of a fuller, more natural brow.” Next up, celebrity makeup artists say these nine products aren’t worth the splurge. 

Check more: http://bit.ly/2G2Jls6


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