11 Lingerie Brands All French Girls Swear By

When it comes to effortlessly chic style, we’re constantly chasing that je ne sais quoi of all French girls. Breton stripes, ballet flats, their ability to totally transform a look with the simple addition of a blazer or leather jacket; it’s as if all Parisians are born with that innate confidence of dressing that we spend the better part of our lives in pursuit of. And we want in. This season, we’re attacking our French-girl wardrobe in the most logical way possible: We’re starting with our lingerie drawer. After all, there’s something about slipping into a romantic lacey bralette we want to show off just as much as the shirt we layered on top that turns our everyday stroll into a little more of a runway strut—even if no one else knows it.

From couture creations to affordable styles you can truly stock up on, here are 11 French lingerie brands you need to know. Prepare to start building the Parisian wardrobe of your dreams—starting with your intimates, of course.

Available in sizes 32A-36D.
Available in sizes 32B-36C.
Available in French sizes 80A to 95C.
Available in sizes 32B-36F.
Available in sizes S-L.
Available in sizes 32B-36E.
Available in sizes S to L.
Available in sizes S to XL.
Available in sizes 32B to 32D.
Available in sizes 32B to 36C.
Available in French sizes 65A to 80D.
Available in French sizes 85 to 100.

Check more: http://bit.ly/2RDFTdJ


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