Lucy Boynton Is Already 2019’s Most Exciting Fashion Star

It’s the day after the 2019 Golden Globes, and all anyone can talk about is the girl in New Céline. They could be talking about Lady Gaga in custom Valentino or Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton, but the digital glitterati only has eyes for Lucy Boynton, the 25-year-old British breakout ingenue from Bohemian Rhapsody, a Best Picture nominee at this year’s Oscars. “Who is she?” may be a meme, but it’s also the question I hear uttered breathlessly around the Who What Wear office for the next several days. Who is this fresh face with the blonde bob making her debut in head-to-toe gold from one of fashion’s buzziest designers? Is she some sort of fashion savant? A spy? What is her agenda? Who is responsible?

it’s been really liberating just getting older and deciding Fuck it—I want to wear this because it makes me feel like me.
“Period pieces and BBC dramas,” she swoons. “I could live in those silhouettes.”
Photographer: Carissa Gallo; Hair: Kylee Heath; Makeup: Jo Baker; Stylist: Doria Santlofer; Manicurist: Whitney Gibson

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