Grammys 2019: The TK Coolest Beauty Looks We Saw on the Red Carpet

If the Oscars red carpet is where we look for the pinnacle of elegance and the Met Gala is where we look for jaw-dropping couture, the Grammys red carpet is where we turn for fashion and beauty that’s just plain fun. In general, musicians tend to have the edgiest aesthetics of the entertainment bunch, so when the biggest night in music comes around, they really go for it, and we watch with bated breath to see what artists like Rihanna and Lady Gaga do.

The following amalgam of looks is dedicated not to the best fashion moments but instead to the hair and makeup that stole the Grammys red carpet. Who had the most inspiring beauty looks at the 2019 Grammys, according to team WhoWhatWear? Scroll on to find out…

Alessia Cara, proving that a classic red lip + cat eye + old Hollywood waves never goes out of style.
Brb, while we call our hairstylists to ask for Camila Cabello’s chic parted bangs. Black eyeliner and glossy pink lips complete the classically feminine look.
Sensing a black eyeliner/pink lips trend. Kacey Musgraves pairs hers with long, sleek black locks.
Singer and Ariana Grande collaborator Tayla Parx trades eyeshadow for crystals, and we fully support it.
We always look forward to Alicia Keys’s fresh face and natural hair on the red carpet. Stunning. Speechless.

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