17 Investment Pieces All the Cool French Girls Are Buying

As I so often do, I recently turned to some of the most stylish French women I admire from across the Atlantic to find out their current take on fashion. While I’ve asked them about everything from the trends they’re skipping this year totheir best gift ideas—and I have even weighed in on my own fashion learnings after living in Paris myself—this time around, I was interested in finding out which investment pieces they would be buying in 2019. 

Ahead, I’m sharing my findings. Just as their styles range, so do the pieces that made it onto their personal lists. With everything from Gucci’s Instagram-worthy crystal hair clips and tailored suiting to classic suiting and pieces straight from the Louis Vuitton runway, these are the French girl–approved investment pieces they have handpicked for their closets in 2019. Go on to see why each piece made the cut and shop them for yourself.

“Obsessed with barettes lately.”
“I have this in two colors!”
“The chicest scrunchie I know.”
“An iconic sling shoe to wear with every outfit and run around all day!”
“First is a fur jacket because you’ll always need one comes winter, and it never goes out of style.”
“Second, cowboy boots because they’re trendy at the moment but really go with anything: skinny jeans, maxi skirts, and even shorts. Time to get creative!”
“I recently shopped this red patent leather Jimmy Choo bag. I’ve never had this kind of bag before, but when I found it, I wanted it immediately. Its shape and size fit me perfectly, especially when you want to give a rather vintage look. I find that it works with several types of styles (classic, colorful, casual). Personally, I wear it often with a total black look since I think it deserves to be the strong piece.”
“This House of Holland suit is definitely on my list. The color is perfect for the spring. I often favor coordinated pieces with several cuts—when it’s wide on the top, it should be tight on the bottom and vice versa.”
“This suit is perfect for my style—it can even give a nonchalant effect with its wide-cut legs.”
“I build my wardrobe around signature pieces and try to stay away from seasonal fashion and invest in long-term fashion instead. I’d rather buy fewer but better. I am always looking for timeless styles. A good statement belt is a must. I like to accessorize a minimal outfit with my Medoru belt from Hermès.”
“I also love Pallas Paris blazers. A navy one caught my eye recently.”
“Investing in a watch is never a waste of money as they rarely lose their value. The Cartier tank is my last big splurge.”
“I collect Haider Ackermann silk blouses. The last one I bought is a white one inspired by kimonos.”
“I have a Celine box bag (its secondhand), and I think it can give a nice twist to an outfit in two seconds!”
“A puffer jacket to keep you warm during winter! I’m really into oversize puffer at the moment. It’s perfect to create an edgy look easily.”
“This one is my most-wanted piece. A small bag and an LV monogram is my favorite recipe!”
“Last but not least, THIS JACKET. Spotted during the fall 2019 runway, this one is definitely a must-have.”

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Check more: http://bit.ly/2Br0uZG


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