NBD—All of Bella Hadid’s Winter Staples Are Sitting at Mango

When it comes to celebrity style, Bella Hadid’s closet is one that I regularly want to raid. She always manages to perfectly balance tailored pieces with streetwear staples and has a penchant for throwback items from the ’90s (just like I tend to have). Often, the items ring in at luxury price points, though, so I’m always looking for ways to replicate her style that are less costly. After a recent scroll through the new-arrivals section at Mango, it occurred to me that all of her winter fashion staples are sitting at the retailer right now.

Yes, everything from her tailored suiting to the denim silhouettes she’s been wearing to the exact boots she was recently spotted in and so much more. Ahead, see how you can replicate some of Bella Hadid’s best winter looks with pieces from Mango. Go on to shop the looks.

There’s a very similar dupe for this skirt suit and the chunky boots. Just add a statement earrings and a waist-cinching belt to pull off the look.
Just like Bella Hadid, I’ve been very into ’90s-inspired, upsized denim silhouettes. And yes, Mango has a perfect pair to wear with chunky white sneakers.
Turtlenecks and hoops are staples in Bella Hadid’s wardrobe, and they work as the building blocks for more vibrant pieces.
As I said, Bella Hadid has been on a suiting kick these days. Turns out Mango excels when it comes to this fashion staple, and it stocks the perfect set to re-create this look. Also, Bella Hadid’s exact boots are the cowboy style below.
Loose-trouser silhouettes are currently winning out against more form-fitting styles in Hadid’s wardrobe—these corduroy pants included.
Here’s another way Bella Hadid is wearing looser-fitting jeans. Just add throwback frames and a padded jacket to pull off her look.

Check more: http://bit.ly/2DkpamC


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