Last Spring’s $46 Zara It Shoes Are Back (and Look Much More Expensive)

Why are you so good to us, Zara? Is it because we give you all of our money? (We’ll go with that.) Anyway, leave it to Zara to get better and better every season, and that’s exactly what they’ve done with spring 2018’s It shoes: these $46 leather crossover sandals. Last year’s iteration (which we covered at length here) is surprisingly still in stock, but it’s just released this year’s iteration of the versatile flat sandals, and they’re even better (which we didn’t think was possible). 

The sandals are still $46 and are still made of genuine leather, but now Zara has blessed them with one of this season’s biggest trends: croc embossing. And as you know, faux croc makes everything look far more expensive. As of now, the croc sandals are only available in black but we suspect that they’ll be wildly popular and Zara will bless us with more color options (anyone else hoping for hot pink or is it just me?). 

Keep scrolling to shop the former Zara It shoes that are also soon to be the current It shoes, along with other similar styles.

Next up, the new Zara drop our whole office is Slacking each other about.

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