All the Shoe Trends New York Girls Can’t Stop Laughing At

If there’s anyone on the planet who has the authority to judge footwear, it’s New Yorkers. Experience one day walking around this city in miserable shoes and you’re forever changed. With that said, New York girls pick and choose the shoe trends they buy into very meticulously, and we were itching to find out what some of the most stylish women in NYC are buying this season, in addition to what they aren’t. 

We asked five women who currently have a heavy influence on the fashion scene here in New York which shoe trends they are currently “laughing at.” Some of the responses were due to practicality, while others boiled down to sheer distaste, but in the name of positivity, they also filled us in on the shoe trends they are loving right now. This way, you would have a handful of New York–approved shoe trends to shop. You’re welcome. 

Go on to find out which shoe trends New York girls can’t stop laughing at and which ones they can’t stop thinking about. 

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