How to Dress Cooler Without Buying Anything New

We’re about to reach that point in the season where we get stuck in this weird place of feeling like we have nothing to wear. Maybe it’s because we’ve used up all our creative outfit ideas, or maybe we are just sick of all our winter clothes but don’t really want to buy anything new. After all, spring is coming (eventually), and we all have our sights on the light, bright, and most importantly not-remotely-wintery pieces in all the new arrivals sections of all our favorite sites. Spending anything additional on a coat or boots just feels redundant.

So what’s one to do? Well, as I pointed out last week, one solution is to look to what your favorite celebrities are wearing and essentially copy their outfits. Since then, however, I also remembered that street style is abundant with inspiration. Most recently, Milan men’s and Paris couture fashion weeks brought with them a trove of enviable looks and ideas just waiting to be emulated. Below I highlighted six easy style tips to help you dress cooler throughout the rest of winter without having to buy anything new. Of course, if you’re still in the market for anything—no judgement—we’ve included a little shopping to help you get the looks, too.

This works especially well with of-the-moment beige and white.
But your black, navy, gray, and brown pieces will also definitely do the trick.
Does the name make a bit more sense when you see this picture? Think combining all your most eccentric pieces and it somehow coming together perfectly. 
Oh, and a silk scarf is non-negotiable.
Surprise your fellow winter warriors by adding a non-seasonal item such as a summery straw bag into the mix.
Don’t wait until spring to sneak some tie-dye into your look.
Because two bags are better—and more eye-catching—than one.
Courtney Trop’s big and tiny Jacquemus bag combo makes her outfit all the more interesting.
Leopard and logo is a great place to start.
If you’re into a more subtle look, combine different versions of the same print for equal appeal.
Assuming you have two blazers lying around, why not layer them?
Another option is styling the structured piece under a long trench.

Up next? See and shop the trend I’m dubbing the naked shoe of 2019.

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