8 of the Most Interesting People in Fashion Share Whose Style They Stan

It may be hard to believe, but even our style icons have style icons. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the women we look up to also had someone they looked up to for everything from style to career and more. But they of course did, and today we’re focusing on bringing you a list of who some of the most interesting people in fashion look to for style inspiration. 

This insider information came to us by way of Create & Cultivate, an organization dedicated to leading women in business. In partnership with Chevrolet, Create & Cultivate launched its third annual Create & Cultivate 100 List, highlighting “100 women across 10 categories who are making moves and re-defining the future of the workplace and the world,” the organization shared with us. The women featured below were previously interviewed for the C&C 100 website and today, we’re here to dig deeper into their responses to the question “Whose style do you love?”

Ahead, get ready to hear from some of the most well-respected women in this industry, including Olivia Palermo, ShionaTurini, and more on the women they look to for style inspiration. 

Next up, discover the shocking color celebrities can’t stop wearing this year

Check more: http://bit.ly/2HDGjNt


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