PSA: Meghan Markle’s Sold-Out $120 Flats Just Got Restocked

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It’s 2019 but we’re still not over Meghan Markle’s epic two-week tour of Australia and New Zealand. She wore nearly 20 different outfits over the fortnight, but many items the Duchess of Sussex wore sold out insanely fast. Luckily for us, however, one affordable item she wore on her tour just got restocked. 

Towards the end of her trip, Markle visited the Redwoods Tree Walk in New Zealand wearing a puffer jacket and black skinny jeans with Birdies The Starling Slippers ($120), which promptly sold out at the time. Now, the shoes are officially back and we have a feeling royal fans will be scooping them up in no time. Scroll down to see how Markle styled them back in October and shop the newly restocked shoes for yourself. 

On Meghan Markle: Birdies The Starling Slippers ($120)

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