Prediction: These Will Be the Gucci It Pieces of 2019

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Ah, Gucci. Its presence is so strong, we don’t even remember a world before Alessandro Michele reinvented it and subsequently dominated the closets (or at least wishlists) of stylish women around the world. Unlike some designer brands, there are tons of new Gucci pieces to shop with each new season, many of which inevitably sell out. While some of the potential It pieces of 2019 were actually released in 2018 (it’s only January 10, folks), we fully expect them to reach their full It potential this year.

We get that a full Gucci look may be out of reach for most of us, but we also 100% believe that its pieces make such an impact that even a more wallet-friendly hair accessory or a belt will turn an outfit into a look. That’s why oftentimes the accessories are what become the most coveted It pieces. So whatever your budget may be, keep scrolling to shop all the items that we predict will become future Gucci It pieces.

Next up, the best celebrity outfits of winter 2019 (so far).

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