42 Sale Finds You Have to Buy From Zara, Shopbop, and Net-a-Porter Right Now

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Have you tried to shop the many sales recently? There’s a lot going on. From the sheer number of products to the countless categories, a mix of swimsuits and winter coats and everything in between, to the many sites and stores to choose from, it can be overwhelming to say the least. Since we’ve just about reached peak markdowns, I thought it would be a fitting time to do a little curating.

Instead of letting you check multiple sites, spend hours browsing each, and go through pages upon pages of products, I’ve made sale shopping easier on you by rounding up the most incredible items from everyone’s three favorite sites: Zara, Shopbop, and Net-a-Porter. From statement bags to useful boots and blazers to party dresses, there’s so much to love (at every price point) in the sale sections right now, I actually had trouble narrowing my favorites down to 42. But, of course, I did, so to shop my picks from each site, simply scroll down—and thank (or blame?) me later.

I love a non-black evening bag option.
This feels like the 2019 way to wear a leather jacket.
If Cinderella was into lilac.
True story: I already bought this.
You can easily dress this up or down with shoes.
Everyone needs a good blazer.
I love this dress, but I love the shoe pairing even more.
The perfect everyday slides.
Like this one, most of Ganni’s dresses are perfect for layering, so they can be worn in any season.
If it’s good enough for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley…
I’m contemplating buying these and saving them for spring.
A puffer you’ll feel cool in.
Non-basic jeans are wardrobe game changers.
Simple yet effective.
I feel like I need this?
Abundant? Yes. Too much? Never.
These will be so useful.
I love the embellished buttons on this coat.
Everyone needs a few LBDs.
Have you heard pearl earrings are trending on Instagram?
Print mixing made easy.
Very into these.
MNZ can do no wrong.
Another puffer that’s actually exciting to wear.
I really hope Western boots never go out of style.
I feel like we will all need this in February.
Winter wedding outfit? Check.
I mean…
With strappy sandals still trending for spring 2019, this could be the best $30 you spend all year.
Looks as good with and without the belt.
You can wear this blazer over anything.
The perfect (easy) vacation look.
What I want my spring uniform to look like.
So useful.
Wear this day or night.
Relaxed but polished at the same time.
I’m overwhelmed by all the good shoes.
Make every outfit feel like a party outfit.
Layer this under everything.
Leopard pants are so easy to style.
Your next going-out look made easy.

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Check more: http://bit.ly/2ACRYGq


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